Making, Changing or Cancelling a Booking

1.1. The services are designed for one person at a time only and will only be provided to you. A family member or friend may accompany you for the session, however they are not permitted to receive the service or styling advice, their role is purely that of support.
1.2. You may make a booking no less than 3 days and no more than 1 calendar month in advance of your desired date. We do not take bookings on public holidays.
1.3. If you wish to change your booking, you must provide us at least 72 hours prior notice if you wish to change any aspect of your booking. Alternatively, you may contact your stylist directly to make a change.
1.4. If you need to cancel your booking, you must do so by notifying us via email or phone at least 72 hours before your scheduled session. We reserve the right to cancel future sessions if you do not provide sufficient notice.
1.5. In the unlikely event we, or your chosen personal stylist, needs to cancel or change your booking, we will endeavour to notify you prior to your booking. Our only obligation, and your sole remedy, will be to provide you with another personal stylist or provide the services to you at an alternative agreed date and time.
1.6. We will not be held liable for any costs or damages incurred by you due to cancellation or any change to the services.

If you have a question please contact us at or (07) 3117 5301.